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A fast, effective approach to recruiting great people!

Providing Creative Recruiting Solutions
Since 1971

To maintain your competitive edge in today's market place, you need to access the highest quality talent. Most companies agree that hiring the best person is essential in today's marketplace. Does your classified and Internet advertising bring you the caliber of candidates you need everytime?
Our programs provide you with the best talent in your industry. Our specialized research team knows how to reach the most qualified and interested candidates - in any field - in any industry. We don't just comb through a resume database to find a person who might be a good match. We create a profile of the ideal candidate and then find that person.

Each search is customized to your specifications. Whether you need sales staff, IT positions, engineers, or executive staff, our elite team has the knowledge and background it takes to find who and where the ideal candidates are located. We can do this so that it is budget friendly and will save costs over your current recruiting methods.. 

Precision Each search is carefully planned, starting with a detailed profile of the ideal candidate.
High Quality Systematic, disciplined research clearly distinguishes our elite team of professionals.
Industry Knowledge Research staff has decades of high-level experience recruiting executives, IT, engineers and sales staff in many industries.
International Reach Our recruiting net spreads wide over three continents.
Consistent Service Repeat customers represent the majority of our business.
40+ Years of Experience Providing creative recruiting solutions since 1971.
Cost Savings Our services will save you money over other recruitment firms - plus we offer value-added services.

We offer a fast, effective approach to identifying the best-qualified candidates in your industry. Our strategy focuses on repeat business, which ensures you of our thorough and continual efforts toward your goals. Clients we represent are industry leaders and smaller companies on the move.

What our clients say about us:

"Having utilized Darius Jaspers & Associates over the past 21 years, I find no other company capable of matching my recruiting needs as well as them. Darius has been instrumental in the hiring of hundreds of professionals for me at 4 different companies."

"DJ&A has been very responsive to my requests and they have been thorough in evaluating all potential candidates for the sales positions we have open."

"I've been using DJ&A for over 10 years, and keep using them for their personal attention, services and quick response."


"We definitely give our clients a competitive edge."
Darius Jaspers - President

Darius Jaspers & Associates
PO Box 684
Battle Lake, MN 56515
Phone: (612) 799-1102
Email: drjaspers@earthlink.net

Darius Jaspers & Associates Executive Staff

Darius Jaspers
President & CEO
Angela Jaspers
  Executive Vice President

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Darius Jaspers & Associates
P. O. Box 684
Battle Lake, MN 56515

Phone: (612) 799-1102
Email: drjaspers@earthlink.net

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